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  • What is madhmoon.com?
    Madhmoon is an easy to use payment gateway for both buyers and sellers in Kuwait
  • Who can use madhmoon.com?
    Anyone living in Kuwait can use madhmoon
  • I have some products that i want to sell but i dont have a company, can i seel on madhmoon.com?
    Yes, anyone living is Kuwait can start selling immedatly on madhmoon
  • How much does it cost to user madhmoon's service?
    currently there is a small charge to use the service, prices are subject to change is the future
  • How does Madhmoon.com protect me?
    Anything you buy is protected and fully refundable within 30 days of purchase.
  • Does Madhmoon.com protect the Buyer/Seller against fraud?
    Yes. If the buyer thinks the product is fraudulent then the buyer gets the chance the product with full payment back. All shipments are tracked to insure that the Seller shipped the product and the buyer received it.
  • Is Madhmoon.com reliable?
    absulotley, it is very safe.
  • Can I refund/cancel my transactions?
  • What if the items ordered are damaged at delivery?
    Report the item as damaged immediately and it will be either replaced or refunded

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